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Franconian breweries - and those around Bamberg are no exception - are famous for the range and quality of beers that they brew. Those listed here are, of course, only a tiny fragment of the breweries in Franconia which are still operating.

I would recommend anyone who needs more information to buy (if they can find it) Stefan Mack's excellent "Neue Fränkische Brauereikarte". It has details of every Franconian brewery.
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Bamberg Town
Bamberg breweries are famous for Rauchbier (smoked beer) even though only two out of the eleven regularly brew one. The two that do, are certainly into smoked malt in a big way, brewing several different styles with it. Smoked wheat beer is pretty weird (quite tasty, too), but for me the oddest is Schlenkerla Helles, a smoked pale lager.

Most of the breweries in Bamberg brew a good selection of different beer styles. A typical range would be:

Lagerbier or Helles
pale Weizen
dark Weizen
unfiltered Kellerbier

Franconian beer styles

These are the bottom-fermenting beer styles brewed in Franconia. Note that Franconian styles are not exactly the same as those in the rest of Bavaria. Dunkles and Helles are much hoppier.

Style alc.vol Plato description
5-5.2% 11.5-12º Hoppy, light-bodied, pale lager. In Franconia, better hopped and maltier than elsewhere.
Helles or Lagerbier
5.2% 12.5º Pale, malty, heavily hopped.
Spezial 5.7% 13º Pale, full, bitter-sweet and delicately hopped.
Festbier 6% 13º Pale (or golden), fruity and bittersweet.
5.2% 12.5º Red-brown, nutty, malty and, in Franconia, heavily hopped. Quite different in character from a sweet Münchner dark lager.
Dunkles Märzen 5.6% 13º Dark and malty, but also hoppy. A style only seen in Franconia and the Czech Republic.
Dunkles Rauchbier
5.2% 12.5º Dark, malty, hoppy and smoky. Usually a smoked version of a Dunkles Märzen.
Helles Rauchbier 4.3% 11.5º Pale, malty and delicately-hopped with a touch of smoke. Schlenkerla is the only brewery I know to make one.
Rauch Lagerbier
4.7% 12º An amber, malty, hoppy and smoky lager.
Kellerbier 5.2% 12.5º An ufiltered lager - usually a version of pale Lagerbier, but can also be dark.
5-5.2% 11.5-12º Black, dry and roasty. Not that commonn in Franconia, but Klosterbräu brew a good one.
Braunbier 5.5% 13º Amber, caramelly and lightly-hopped.lager. A different style from the top-fermenting Schankbier once brewed in Saxony.
6.5% 16.5º Pale, amber or dark, bitter-sweet. The best pale bocks in the world are brewed in Franconia.
8.5% 18.5º Red- or dark brown, fruity, bitter-sweet, alcohol and concentrated dark malt flavours
6.5% 16.5º Dark, malty, bacony, bitter-sweet. A dark Bock made with smoked malt.

These are the top-fermenting beer styles brewed in Franconia.

Style alc.vol Plato description
Helles Weißbier 5.4% 12.5º Pale, spicy, high CO2 content, yeasty.
Dunkles Weißbier
5.4% 12.5º As above, but dark.
Kristall Weißbier
5.4% 12.5º The filtered version, almost always pale.
6.5-8.5% 16.5-18.5º Usually dark, with even more spiciness than the weaker versions.
Rauch Weißbier 5.4% 12.5º Wheat beer made with smoked malt. As weird as it sounds

The ability to brew excellent examples of these diverse styles (in what in most cases is little larger than a brewpub) demonstrates the extraordinary skill of Bamberg brewers. There are, in total, about 50 different beers brewed in Bamberg. Drink as many of them as you can. You don't know how much longer these characterful and distinctive beers will be around.

I'm sure that many of you will be delighted to hear that Bamberg breweries are great lovers of the hop. The beers brewed in Franconia are much more heavily hopped - especially the dark lagers - than elsewhere in Germany.

Franconian Kellerbier, unfiltered and sometimes drawn directly form oak barrels, is justly renowned. They are, by several streets, the best standard-strength lagers brewed anywhere in the world. Just try every one that crosses your path. There are far too many to remember them all. You can be confident in assuming that the Kellerbier of any Franconian brewery will be well worth drinking.
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Fränkischen Brauereimuseums (Franconian Brewery Museum): A museum dedicated to brewing in Bamberg.

Bamberg Breweries
Bamberg town

Gasthausbrauerei Ambräusianum
Dominikanerstrasse 10,
96049 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 509 0262

Founded: 2004
Annual production: 1,500 hl

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Hell   Pale lager.  
Dunkel   Dark lager.  
Weizen   Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  

Brewpub. Bamberg's newest brewery. Run by Ambros Michel Mahr, whose family has owned the building since 1819.

Brauerei Fässla
Obere Königsstraße 19-21,
96052 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 26516
Fax: 0951 - 201989

Founded: 1649
Annual production: 16,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Lagerbier 4.8%   Pale lager.
Dark yellow in colour; malt and flowery aroma; bitterish taste with malt, fruit and wort aromas; very bitter finish with hop, flowers and wood aromas.
Pretty good - aroma not the best but nice and hoppy in the finish. This gives you some idea of the quality of beer in Bamberg - this is the brewery's "cooking" lager.
Gold-Pils 5% 12.5º Pils.
Spice, vanilla and butter aroma; bitter taste with pepper, butter and malt aromas; bitter finish with spice, coriander and grass aromas.
A good spicy, hoppy pils. It's amazing how well this small brewery can brew in a beer in a what is effectively a foreign (for Bamberg) style.
Weizla dunkel 5% 12.4º Unfiltered dark wheat beer.
Banana, clove and wheat aroma; neutral taste with banana and cloves; wheaty, yeasty finish.
One of the best dark wheat beers I've had. Full banana-flavoured, very much like Aventinus.
Weizla hell 5% 12.4º Unfiltered pale wheat beer.
Cloves, basil, yeast and butter aroma; neutral taste with cloves, coriander, pear and butter aromas; bitterish finish with lemon, cloves and apple aromas.
A typical spicy pale wheat beer.
Zwergla 6% 13.5º Dark lager - Märzen.
Malt, nut and pepper aroma; bitter taste with pepper and cream aromas; very bitter finish with pepper, hop, wood and basil aromas. A typical Franconian dark beer: few malt flavours but very bitter.
Bambergator 8.5% 21º Dark bock. Seasonal - from October. 82

Independent brewery.

Privater Brauereigasthof Greifenklau
Laurenziplatz 20,
96049 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 53219
Fax: 0951 - 59599

Founded: 1719
Annual production: 1,300 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Greifenklau Lagerbier 4.8% 12.4º Pale lager. Some pleasant hoppiness, but not much else. Sometimes claimed to contain a small quantity of smoked malt. I can't say that I've noticed it. 45
Greifenklau Bockbier   16.8º Pale lager. Seasonal - November.  
Greifenklau Festbier   13.4º Pale lager. Seasonal - Christmas.  

Brewpub. Owned by the Brockard family since 1914. They have recently experimented with a wheat beer.

Kaiserdom - Privatbrauerei Wörner KG
Breitäckerstrasse 9,
96049 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 6045-0
Fax: 0951 - 6045-60

Founded: 1718
Annual production: 208,000 hl (2001) 250,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Kaiserdom Premium Pilsener (Extra Dry) 4.8% Pils.
Hop aroma, bitterish taste with hop and wood aromas, very bitter finish. A bit one-dimensionally hoppy, but OK.
Kaiserdom Alt-Bamberg Dunkel   Dark lager.
Caramel and malt aromas, sweetish taste with malt fruit and nut aromas, a hoppy bitter finish. A very pleasant dark beer with a surprisingly bitter finish.
Weizenland Hefe-Weissbier Hell 5.4% Unfiltered pale wheat beer.
Spicy aroma, neutral taste with lemon wheat and clove aromas, dry spicy finish. A pretty good wheat beer - nice and spicy.
Weizenland Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel 5.4% Unfiltered dark wheat beer.  
Weizenland Kristall Weissbier 5.4% Filtered pale wheat beer.  
Meranier Schwarzbier 4.8% Black lager.  
Tekkno Beer      

Bamberg's largest brewery. Formerly known as Bürgerbräu.

Brauerei Keesmann
Wunderburg 5,
96050 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 26646
Fax: 0951 - 28486

Founded: 1867
Annual production: 15,000 hl

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Keesmann "Sternla" Lager   Unfiltered pale lager.
Pleasantly hoppy, with apple and yeast aromas. Could have more malt character.
Keesmann Hell   Pale lager.  
Bamberger Herren Pils   Pils.
Hop aroma, bitter taste with hops and wood aromas, very bitter finish. A very satisfyingly bitter beer.
Keesmann Hefe Weizen   Unfiltered pale wheat beer.
Keesmann Bock   Pale bock. Seasonal - October to December.  

Independent brewery.

Klosterbräu Bamberg
Obere Mühlbrücke 1-3,
96049 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 57722
Fax: 0951 - 59294

Founded: 1533
Annual production: 4,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Klosterbräu Bamberger Gold-Pils 4.9% Pils.
Smoke and cardboard aromas, bitterish taste with butter aroma, bitter finish with smoke and butter. A nasty hop oil aroma totally ruins this beer.
Klosterbräu Schwärzla 4.9% Black lager.
Very tasty dark beer - malty, but not sweet. Pleasant liquorice, fruit and chocolate aromas.
Klosterbräu Braunbier 5.7% Amber lager.
Draught:: Rather thin, sweetish beer, with an apple aroma.
Bottled: Biscuit, fruit, pear, nuts, pepper, coriander, cream and malt aromas; sweet/bitterish taste with malt, caramel, nuts, fruit and spice aromas; bitter finish with biscuit, pepper, spice and honey aromas.
The name is misleading - it's at the very pale end of the amber scale. It has a subtle character that is magnificent in the bottle, but totally ruined when served on draught with too much top pressure. It's the only Bamberg beer I've had where the two versions differed so greatly in quality.
The bottled version is an assembly of beautifully understated malt flavours, though there is still a very respectable hop presence for what is intended as a malt-oriented beer. I've no idea what style this is. It's similar in colour and strength to the Fässla lagerber, though the taste profile is completely different.
52 Draught
79 Bottled
Klosterbräu Braun's Weisse   Unfiltered wheat beer.  
Klosterbräu Lager   Pale lager.  
Klosterbräu Vollbier   Pale lager.  
Klosterbräu Bockbier   Pale bock. Seasonal.  
Klosterbräu Maibock 7% (17º Plato) Pale bock. Seasonal. Draught only.
Very pale yellow colour; hop, pepper, tobacco and boiling wort aroma; sweetish/very bitter taste ith hop, pepper and tobacco aromas; very long, very bitter finish with tobacco and pepper aromas.
A wonderful beer that must be enormously hopped to come out so bitter. The aroma is exactly the same as the smell that used to waft over my hometown when they were boiling in the Holes brewery.
Klosterbräu Schwärzla Bock   Dark bock. Seasonal.  

Independent brewery. Bamberg's oldest brewery. It was originally the Fürstbischöffliches Braunbierhaus, owned by the Prince Bishops who ruled Bamberg. Owned by the Braun-Schröder family since 1987.

Mahrs Bräu Bamberg
Wunderburg 10,
96050 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 91517-0
Fax: 0951 - 91517-30
E-Mail: Homepage:

Founded: 1670
Annual production: 25,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Mahrs Bräu Leicht 2.8% 7.2º Pale lager.  
Mahrs Bräu Pilsner 4.9% 11.8º Pils.
Pine, smoke, tobacco vanilla and basil aromas; sweetish/bitter taste with grass, malt, spice and butter aromas; bitter finish with pepper, hop, tobacco and vanilla aromas.
A good hop aroma, though surprisingly full and slightly sweet in the mouth. A decent enough pils with definite south German traits.
Mahrs Bräu Hell 4.9% 11.2º Pale lager.  
Mahrs Bräu Hefeweissbier 4.9% 12.2º Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Mahrs Bräu Ungespundet 5.2% 12.7º Unfiltered. Pale lager.
Excellent bitter beer with aromas of yeast, butter and pepper.
Mahrs Bräu Gig Kutscherbier 5.2% 13.5º Dark lager.
Toffee, raisin and pepper aroma; bitter taste with toffee, pepper and fruit aromas; very bitter finish with coffee and pepper aromas.
A bitter dark beer in the Franconian style. A good mixture of dark malt and hop flavours.
Mahrs Bräu Heller Bock 6.5% 16.2º Pale bock.
Caramel, apple, peach, tobacco, coriander, biscuit and spice aroma; bitter/sweet taste with tobacco, fruit, brandy and honey aromas; very bitter finish with toffee, biscuit, spice and pepper aromas.
The definition of a pale bock - very bitter, but with underlying fruity sweetness. An unbelievably complex beer. The bitter finish hangs around in the mouth for a week or two. One of the best beers I've ever drunk and definitely the best beer in this style I've had. Simply wonderful.
Der Weisse Bock 7.1%   Wheat Doppelbock.
Bread, banana, orange, fig, ginger and clove aroma; sweet taste with ginger, banana, clove and orange aromas; bitterish finish with ginger, rye, cloves, banan rasin and fig aromas.
Smells like fresh rye bread and banans. A massive beer that is outstanding in all phases. It's a seamless mix of fruit and spice flavours. One of the very best German beers.

Independent brewery. Owned by the Michel family since 1880. Their beers are outstanding, even by Franconian standards. The Weisse Bock and Heller Bock are about as good as you'll find. Go and drink them while you can.

Privatbrauerei Gebrüder Maisel
Moosstrasse 46,
96050 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 91827-0
Fax: 0951 - 16963

Founded: 1894
Annual production: 80,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Maisel Pils 4.9% 12.5º Pils.  
Maisel Kellerbier 4.9%   Unfiltered pale lager.
An outstandingly complex bitter beer.
St. Michaelsberg Feinherb 4.6%   Pale lager.  
St. Michaelsberg Dunkel Premium     Dark lager.
St. Michaelsberg Urtyp        
Eine Bamberger Weisse     Unfiltered pale wheat beer.
Eine Bamberger Weisse Dunkel     Unfiltered dark wheat beer.  
Maisel Bamberger Hell     Pale lager.
Maisel Bamberger Leichtes     Pale lager.  
Maisel Domreiter Pils     Pils.
Maisel Premium Lager     Pale lager.  
Maisel Festbier 5.5% 13.5º Seasonal.
Maisel Heller Bock Premium     Pale bock. Seasonal.  
Maisel Dunkler Bock Premium     Dark bock. Seasonal.

Independent brewery. A small, industrial-strength brewery with a very wide range of beers. Still owned by mnembers of the Maisel family.

Heller Bräu Trum KG (Schlenkerla)
Dominikanerstrasse 6,
96049 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 56060
Fax: 0951 - 54019

Founded: 1678
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier 4.3% 11.5º Pale lager. Bitterness 30 EBU.
Coriander grass and smoked aromas; bitterish taste with pepper and smoke aromas; bitter finish with pepper and bacon.
A very interesting beer - a smoked helles. It has a good combination of smoked malt and spicy hop flavours. Very full-flavoured for its strength. It doesn't contain any smoked malt in the grist, but picks up its smoky character from the filter
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen 5.2% 13.2º Smoked dark unfiltered wheat beer. Bitterness 20 EBU.
Basil, bacon and smoke aroma; neutral taste with lemon, clove, ginger and wheat aromas; bitter finish with bacon, basil, cloves and yeast.
A very unusual, but outstanding, beer. Like spicy christmas cake and smoked bacon.
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen 5.1% 13.5º Smoked dark lager. Bitterness 30 EBU.
Malt, pepper, ginger and smoked aroma; bitterish taste with bacon, smoke, toffee and wood aromas; sourish bitter finish with toffee, fruit and spice aromas.
Real smoky bacon flavour beer. It has lots of smokiness but the other flavours are strong enough to stop it being overpowering. Possibly a bit too much flavour for some
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock 6.5% 17.5º Dark smoked bock. Bitterness 40 EBU.
Bacon, smoke, raisin, malt, ginger and fig aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with bacon, treacle, fruit and smoke aromas; bitter finish with malt, treacle, smoke and bacon aromas.
This beer combines wonderfully dark malt, fruit and smoke flavours. Very good indeed.
Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier     Unfiltered smoked dark lager. Seasonal - Ash Wednesday to Easter.  
Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbierschnaps 40%   Distilled rauchbier.  

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Spezial
Obere Königstrasse 10,
96052 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 24304
Fax: 0951 - 26330

Founded: 1536
Annual production: 6,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Spezial Rauchbier Lager 4.7% 12º Smoked amber lager.
Wort, tea, hop and smoked aromas; bitter taste with bacon, pepper and hop aromas; very bitter bacon finish.
Very much a smoked lager beer, as it mixes the tastes of those two styles. A seamlees mixture of hop and smoked flavours that works very well.
Spezial Rauchbier Märzen 5.3% 13º Smoked dark lager - Märzen.
Toffee, tea and smoke aroma; bitter taste with smoke, bacon and toffee aromas; smoky, peppery bitter finish.
Another good mixture of hop and smoked flavours. Very drinkable.
Spezial "Ungespundetes" 5% 13.5º Unfiltered pale lager.
Malt, coriander and pepper aroma; bitter taste wirh pepper, wood and citrus aroma; bitter finish with spice, butter and hop aromas.
A very pleasant hoppy beer with a nice blancing butteriness. Their only unsmoked beer.
Spezial Weissbier 5.3% 12.5º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.
Apple, clove, wheat and yeast aroma; sweetish taste with apple, spice and hop aromas; bitter finish with pepper, yeast and orange.
A surprisingly hoppy wheat beer with subdued spice flavours.
Spezial Rauchbier Bockbier   16-17º Smoked dark bock. Seasonal - October/November.  

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Wilde Rose
Keßlerstraße 7,
96047 Bamberg.
Tel.: 0951 - 98 18 20
Fax: 0951 - 2 20 71

Founded: 1585
Annual production: 20 hl

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Robesbierre 5% Unfiltered pale lager.
Hop and vanilla aroma; bitter taste with butter and hop aromas; very bitter finish.
An excellent example of a Kellerbier

Bamberg's phantom 10th brewery operates very much on a part-time basis. The owner brews around 6 times a year. The one I had came in a unlabelled half-litre flip-top bottle. Well worth trying, if you can find it.

The brewery is in the cellar of the Wilde Rose restaurant. So I suppose it's a sort of brewpub, though don't expect to find the beer on sale there.

Bamberg Breweries
Around Bamberg

Brauerei "Drei Kronen"
96117 Memmelsdorf
Tel. 0951 - 944330
Fax: 0951 - 9443366

Founded: 1457
Annual production: 500 hl

Beer alc Description
Drei Kronen Lagerbier   Unfiltered pale lager.
Drei Kronen Hefepils   Unfiltered pils.
Drei Kronen Stöffla   Unfiltered smoked lager.

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Eichhorn
Bamberger Str. 9,
91301 Forchheim.
Tel. 09191 - 2379
Fax 09191 - 729944

Founded: 1835
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Eichhorn Leicht   Pale lager.  
Eichhorn Vollbier   Pale lager. A thin, disappointing beer with a sweetish taste and a buttery aroma.
Eichhorn Edel-Pils   Pils. Hop aroma, bitter taste and a woody bitter finish. A reasonable pils.
Eichhorn Märzen      
Eichhorn Festbier   Seasonal.  

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Greif
Serlbacher Straße 10,
91301 Forchheim.
Tel. 09191 - 72 79 20
Fax: 09191 - 72 79 22

Founded: 1848
Annual production: 10,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Leicht - Bier 2.5%   Pale lager.
Greif Hell 4.9%   Pale lager.
Greif Jubel - Export 5.2%   Dark lager.
Greif Edel - Pils 5.3%   Pils.
Greif Weisse 5.4%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer.
Greif Dunkle Weisse 5.4%   Unfiltered dark wheat beer.
Anna Festbier/"Weihnachts" Festbier 5.5% 13.5º Amber lager. Seasonal - June/Christmas. Malt and pepper aroma, bitter taste with spice and fruit aroma, very bitter finish with pepper and butter flavours.
An excellent hoppy beer.

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Hebendanz
Sattlertorstrasse 14,
91301 Forchheim.
Tel. 09191-60747

Founded: 1579
Annual production: 12,000 hl

Beer alc Description
Hebendanz Export-Hell   Pale lager.
Hebendanz Edel-Pils   Pils.
Hebendanz Märzen-Gold   Pale lager.
Hebendanz Hefeweizen 5.1% Unfiltered wheat beer.
Hebendanz Leicht   Pale lager.

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Höhn
Hauptstr. 11,
96117 Memmelsdorf.
Tel. 0951 - 406140
Fax: 0951 - 4061444

Founded: 1783
Annual production: 500 hl

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Höhn Spezialbier 4.9% 12.8º Amber lager. Lagered at least 8 weeks.
Hop aroma, bitterish taste with butter and fruit aromas, bitter finish.
A nice balance between butter and hop flavours, but spoilt by excessive top-pressure.

Independent brewery. Produces a single, draught-only beer.

Brauerei Julius Hummel
Lindenstr. 9,
96117 Merkendorf
Tel. 09542 - 1247
Fax: 0 95 42 / 12 62
Email: info[at]

Founded: 1846
Annual production: 5,000 hl

Beer alc Description
Hummel-Bräu Kellerbier 4.7% Unfiltered lager.
Hummel-Bräu Pils 4.9% Pils.
Hummel-Bräu Märzen 5.4% Amber lager - Märzen.
Hummel-Bräu Räucherla Märzen 5.5% Dark Smoked lager - Märzen.
Hummel-Bräu Weißbier 5.2% Pale unfiltered wheat beer.
Hummel-Bräu heller Maibock 7% Seasonal - April/May.
Hummel-Bräu Bock Dunkel 6.5% Seasonal - Winter.
Hummel-Bräu Weizen-Bock 7.7% Unfiltered wheat Bock. Seasonal - christmas and lent.
Hummel-Bräu Festbier   Pale lager - Märzen. Seasonal - Xmas, Easter, Whitsun, Kirchweih.
Hummel-Bräu Räucherator Doppelbock Dopppel Rauch Bock. Seasonal - lent.

Independent brewery.

Kulmbacher Brauerei AG
Lichtenfelser Straße 9,
95326 Kulmbach.
Tel.: 09221 - 705-0
Fax.: 09221 - 705-292

Annual production: 1,950,000 hl (2001), 2,133,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Kulmbacher Leicht Bier 2.9% 7.6º Pale lager.  
Kulmbacher Premium Pils 4.9% 11.6º Pils.Hop, fruit, grass and malt aroma; bitter taste with basil and hop aromas; bitter finish with tobacco and wood aromas.
A pleasantly bitter pils with good hop flavours.
Kulmbacher Export 4.9% 11.5º Pale lager (Export).  
Kulmbacher Lager Hell 4.9% 11.5º Pale lager (Helles).  
Kulmbacher Festbier 5.6% 13.4º Pale lager. Seasonal.  
Kulmbacher Eisbock 7.5% 18º Bock.  
Mönchshof Original 4.9% 11.6º Pale lager.  
Mönchshof Premium Lager 4.9% 11.5º Pale lager.  
Mönchshof Premium Schwarzbier 4.9% 12.4º Black lager.
Caramel, nuts, coffee and malt aroma; bitterish taste with cream, liquorice, herbs and basil aromas; bitter finish with hop, chicory and herbal aromas.
A good dry dark lager, with bitterness from both hops and malt. Rather nice.
Mönchshof Landbier 5.4% 12.5º Pale lager - Spezial.
Tobacco, pepper and butter aroma; bitterish taste with butter, pepper and grass aromas; bitterish finish with butter and pepper aromas.
Pretty bland, with just a little peppery hoppiness.
Mönchshof Weihnachtsbier 5.6% 13.4º Seasonal - Christmas.  
Mönchshof Bockbier 6.6% 16.5º Bock.  
EKU Hell 4.6% 11.4º Pale lager (Helles)  
EKU Pils 4.7% 11.6º Pils.  
EKU Export 5.1% 12.6º Pale lager (Export).  
EKU Festbier 5.9% 13.5º Pale lager. Seasonal.  
EKU 28 11% 28º Bock  
Kapuziner Weißbier Leicht 3.1% 7.8º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Kapuziner Weißbier Dunkel 5.4% 12.5º Dark unfiltered wheat beer.  
Kapuziner Weißbier - Kristallweizen 5.4% 12.5º Pale filtered wheat beer.  
Kapuziner Weißbier - mit feiner Hefe 5.4% 12.5º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Kapuziner Winter Weißbier 5.4% 12.5º Amber unfiltered wheat beer. Seasonal - October to March.  

A brewery group formed by the merger of pretty well all the breweries in Kulmbach. I'm not sure how many actual breweries are still in use. I'm fairly cynical as to the actual number of distinct beers being brewed: some of the specifications look awfully similar.

It also owns Sternquell in Plauen and Braustolz in Chemnitz.

Brauerei-Gaststätte Leicht
Hauptstraße 27,
Tel. 0951 - 43910

Annual production: 3,500 hl *** CLOSED ***

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Leicht Lager   Amber lager.
Hop aroma, bitterish taste with butter and hop aromas, smoky bitter finish. A very pleasant buttery beer.
Leicht Export   Pale lager.
Leicht Edel-Pils   Pils.
Buttery aroma, bitterish taste with a little butter and hop, buttery bitterish finish. An OK beer, but more like a helles than a true pils.


Brauerei Neder
Sattlertorstrasse 10,
91301 Forchheim.
Tel. 09191 - 2400

Founded: 1554
Annual production: 5,500 hl

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Neder Export   Unfiltered amber lager.
Yeasty aroma, neutral taste with yeast, wood and hop aromas, slightly smoky, bitterish finish.
Neder Pils   Unfiltered pils.
Neder Lager   Unfiltered pale lager.
Schwarze Anna   Dark lager.

Independent brewery.

St. Georgen Bräu
Marktstr. 12,
96155 Buttenheim.
Tel.: 09545 - 446-0
Fax: 09545 - 446-46

Founded: 1624
Annual production: 90,000 hl

Beer alc Description Score (100)
St. Georgen Bräu Kellerbier 4.9% Unfiltered pale lager.
Lovely hoppy, complex beer. Vanilla, pepper, grass and hop are just a few of the flavours. Top class.
St. Georgen Bräu Pilsener   Pils.
Tobacco, resin, vanilla, lemon, flowers and malt aroma; very bitter/sweetish taste with vanilla, malt, butter, mint and hop aromas; very long bitter finish with butter, tobacco and pepper aromas.
A great beer. Packed full of complex hop aromas and a subtle touch of malt. I actually marked it down a little because there's more malt than there should be, strictly speaking, for the style. Very much a South German beer.
St. Georgen Bräu Helles   Pale lager (Helles).
Spice, pepper, grass, malt and butter aroma; bitter/sweetish taste with pepper, cream, honey and fruit aromas; bitter finish with pepper, grass, vanilla, malt and butter aromas.
A very full-bodied Helles in which malty sweetness combines effortlessly with quality hop bitterness. Another good one.
St. Georgen Bräu Landbier Dunkel 4.9% Dark lager.
Chestnut, chocolate and pepper aroma; sweetish/very bitter taste with cream and toffee aromas; very bitter peppery finish.
A surprisingly hoppy dark beer.
St. Georgen Bräu Gold Märzen 5.6% Amber märzen.
Fruit, peach and pepper aroma; sweet/bitter taste with malt, butter, raisin and pepper aromas; bitter finish with hop and fruit aromas.
A proper märzen with a good blend of fruit and hop flavours.
St. Georgen Bräu Weißbier 4.6% Unfiltered pale wheat beer.
Peach, lemon, coriander, ginger and clove aroma; sweetish taste with ginger, wheat and orange aromas; bitterish finish with wheat and orange aromas. Exceptionally complex aroma of spices and fruit.
Outstanding, especially considering the relatively low strength.
St. Georgen Bräu Dunkle Weiße 5% Unfiltered dark wheat beer. Caramel, banana, clove and yeast aroma; sweetish taste with toffee, banana and ginger aromas; bitterish finish with wheat and orange aromas. A nice banana-flavour beer, with good balancing dark malt flavours. Pretty good.
Brewed by the Weißbierbrauerei Hopf in Miesbach.
St. Georgen Bräu Schwarzbock   Dark bock.  
St. Georgen Bräu Annafest Bier 5.6% Pale lager - Märzen.
Hop, tobacco, biscuit and butter aroma; sweetish/bitter taste with hop, fruit, butter, malt and mint aromas; very bitter finish with hop, grass, butter, tobacco and malt aromas.
A fine lager in the golden Festbier style. A beautiful balance of malty seweetness and hop bitterness. One of the reasons why my memories of the Annafest are so vague; it's dangerously easy to knock back a couple of litres of this wonderful beer.

Independent brewery. A brewery which, quite deservedly, has an excellent reputation. I don't think I've ever given a brewery such consistently high marks for all their beers.

Sailerbräu Franz Sailer
Schwendener Strasse 18,
87616 Marktoberdorf - Leuterschach.
Tel.: 08342 -9647-0
Fax: 08342 - 9647-59

Founded: 1544
Annual production: 350,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description
Altenmünster Brauer Bier Hopfig herb 4.9% 11º Pale lager.
Altenmünster Brauer Bier Urig würzig 4.9% 11º Pale lager.
Altenmünster Brauer Bier Urig schwarz 4.9% 11º Black lager.
Altenmünster Hefeweizen Hell 5.5% 12º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.
Altenmünster Hefeweizen Dunkel 5.5% 12º Dark unfiltered wheat beer
Altenmünster Kristallweizen Klar 5.5% 12º Pale filtered wheat beer.
Altenmünster Steinbier 4.9% 11º Top-fermented beer with a proportion of wheat malt and smoked malt in the grist.
The beer is made by the "Steinbier" method, where instead of heating the kettle, a hot stone is dropped into the wort to heat it. It's an ancient brewing method that hung on longest in the Austrian provinces of Kärnten and Steiermark. The last breweries, Brauerei Holzleger and Brauerei Ure in Weidmannsdorf abandonned it around 1917. The extremely high temperature causes caramelisation of some of the sugars in the wort.
Altenmünster Steinweizen 4.9% 11º Top-fermented wheat beer with a proportion smoked malt in the grist. Made by the "Steinbier" method.
Altenmünster Winterbier Dunkel 5.5% 13º Dark lager. Seasonal - Winter.
Altenmünster Jubelbier 5.5% 13º Pale lager.
Altenmünster Maibock Hell 7.5% 16º Pale bock. Seasonal - Spring.

An independent brewery which has gone to considerable trouble to research and recreate "Steinber". For this alone, they deserve our admiration. On their website is a detailed description of the process and its history (in German).

Brauerei Wagner
Pointstr. 1,
96117 Merkendorf.
Tel. 09542 - 620
Fax: 09542 - 650

Founded: 1797
Annual production: 12,000 hl

Beer alc Description
Wagner Lagerbier   Unfiltered.
Wagner Märzen    
Wagner Pils   Pils.
Wagner Weisse   Pale unfiltered wheat beer.
Wagner Festbier    
Wagner Heller Bock   Seasonal - Christmas.
Wagner Dunkler Bock   Seasonal - Christmas.

Independent brewery.

Wolfshöher Privatbrauerei K. u. F. Weber GmbH und Co KG
Zur Wolfshöhe 3
91233 Neunkirchen am Sand
Telefon: 09153 - 4040
FAX: 09153 - 40416

Founded: 1872
Annual production: 114,000 hl (1996)

Beer alc Plato Description
Wolfshöher Leicht 2.9% 7.7º Pale lager. Colour: 10.3 EBC.
Wolfshöher Vollmond Bier     Pale lager.
Wolfshöher dunkel 4.8% 11.4º Dark lager. Colour: 65 EBC.
Wolfshöher Premium 4.9% 11.4º Pale lager.
Wolfshöher Kellerbier 4.9% 11.4º Unfiltered amber lager.
Wolfshöher Schwarzbier 4.9% 11.8º Black lager.
Wolfshöher Pilsner 4.9% 11.6º Pils. Colour: 6 EBC.
Wolfshöher Ur-Hell      
Wolfshöher Hefeweissbier leicht 2.9% 7.7º Pale unfiltered wheat beer. Colour: 8.3 EBC.
Wolfshöher Hefeweissbier hell 5% 11.6º Pale unfiltered wheat beer. Colour: 10 EBC.
Wolfshöher Hefeweissbier dunkel 5.3% 12.6º Dark unfiltered wheat beer. Colour: 22.3 EBC.
Wolfshöher Weizenbier kristallklar     Pale filtered wheat beer.
Wolfshöher Annafest Bier     Seasonal - July.
Wolfshöher Festbier 5.5% 13.3º Pale lager. Colour: 8.5 EBC. Seasonal.
Wolfshöher Weihnachts Festbier 5.6% 13.3º Pale lager. Colour: 8.5 EBC. Seasonal - Christmas.

Independent brewery. The brewery has been rapidly expanding in recent years, quadrupling its output since 1983. This has been achieved for a great deal through takeovers such as of Brauhaus Forchheim and Privatbrauerei Fröhlich.

Brauerei Zehendner
Haus Nr. 18,
96138 Mönchsambach.
Tel.: 09546 - 380
Fax: 09546 - 92122

Founded: 1899
Annual production: 6,000 hl

Beer alc Description Score (100)
ungespundetes Lagerbier   Unfiltered pale lager. Outstanding spicy, hoppy beer. Oddly, has a slight sulphury "Burton snatch".
Export   Pale lager.
Hefeweizen   Unfiltered wheat beer.  
Maibock   Bock. Seasonal - Spring.
Weihnachtsbock   Bock. Seasonal - Christmas.  

Independent brewery.

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof
Bergstr. 19/21,
90403 Nürnberg.
Tel: 0911 - 244 9859
Fax: 0911 - 244 9859

Annual production: 1,000 hl

Beer alc Description
Helles Lager   Pale lager.
Bockbier   Bock.
Schwarzbier   Black lager.

A brewpub in one of Nuremburg's oldest buildings. It has a pretty good reputation for its beers.

Hallplatz 2,
90402 Nürnberg.
Tel. 0911 - 204 186
Fax: 0911 - 204 242

Annual production:

Beer alc Description
Barfüßer Blonde   Unfiltered pale lager.
Barfüßer Schwarze   Unfiltered black lager.

A brewpub in the centre of Nuremburg.

Würzburger Hofbräu
Höchberger Straße 28,
97082 Würzburg.
Tel: 0931 - 41090
Fax: 0931 - 4109 132

Founded: 1643
Annual production: 360,000 hl (2003(

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Würzburger Hofbräu Light     Low-alcohol pale lager.  
1643 Original Lagerhell 4.9% 11.2° Pale lager - Helles.  
Würzburger Schwarzbier 4.9% 11.6° Dark lager - Schwarzbier  
Würzburger Hofbräu Premium Pilsner 4.9% 11.7° Pils  
Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel 4.9% 12.5° Dark unfiltered wheat beer.  
Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Hell 4.9% 12.5° Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Kristallklar 4.9% 12.5° Pale filtered wheat beer.  
Würzburger Hofbräu Export 5.2% 12.5° Pale lager - Export.  
Sympator Doppelbock 7.9% 18.5° Dark Doppelbock.  
Würzburger Hofbräu Festbier 5.9% 13.6° Pale lager - Spezial. Seasonal - November and December.  

Independent brewery.

Bamberg Breweries
Bayreuth breweries

Bayreuther Bierbrauerei AG
Hindenburgstraße 9,
95445 Bayreuth.
Tel: 0921 - 401111
Fax: 0921 - 401104

Founded: 1857
Annual production: 100,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Aktien Hell 4.8%   Pale lager - Helles.  
Aktien Pilsner 4.9%   Pils.  
Aktien Dunkel 4.9%   Dark lager.  
Aktien Original     Pale lager.  
Zwick'l 5.5%   Pale lager. Unfiltered.  

Independent brewery.

Becher Bräu
St.-Nikolaus-Str. 25,
95445 Bayreuth.
Tel: 0921-68993
Fax: 0921-513511

Founded: 1781
Annual production: 1,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Becher Bräu Hell 4.7%   Pale lager - Helles.  
Becher Pilsner     Pils.  
Becher Kräußen     Unfiltered pale lager  
Becher Dunkelbier     Dark lager.  
Becher Bock     Bock.  

Independent brewery.

Bürgerbräu GmbH
Jean-Paul-Str. 65,
95444 Bayreuth.
Tel: 0921-79780
Fax: 0921-797820

Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bürgerbräu Export Hell     Pale lager - Helles.  
Bürgerbräu Edel Pils     Pils.  
Bürgerbräu Premium Schwarzbier     Black lager.  
Bürgerbräu Edel-Weisse     Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Bürgerbräu Edel Bock     Bock.  
Bürgerbräu Markator 7.2%   Dark doppelbock.  

Independent brewery. Has stopped brewing itself. Has some link with Schinner and presumably has its beers brewed at their brewery.

Exportbierbrauerei Richard Glenk OHG
Eichelweg 9-14,
95445 Bayreuth.
Tel: 0921-757190
Fax: 0921-511626

Founded: 1852
Annual production: 10,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Glenk Leicht     Pale lager.  
Glenk Hell     Pale lager - Helles.  
Glenk Pils 4.8%   Pils.  
Glenk Festbier     Dark lager.  

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Gebr. Maisel GmbH & Co.
Hindenburgstr. 9,
95445 Bayreuth.
Tel: 0921-401-0
Fax: 0921-401206

Founded: 1887
Annual production: 410,000 hl (1999)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Maisel's Weisse Light 3.4% 9.4º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Maisel's Edelhopfen Diät-Pilsener 4.9% 9.5º Pils.  
Maisel's Dampfbier 4.9% 11.3º Amber top-fermenting beer.  
Maisel's Weisse Dunkel 4.9% 12.5º Dark unfiltered wheat beer.  
Maisel's Weisse Hell 5.2% 11.5º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Maisel's Weisse Kristall 5.2% 12.3º Pale filtered wheat beer.  
Maisel's Weisse Original 5.7% 12.7º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Maisel's Weisse Wintertraum 5.4% 12.3º Unfiltered pale wheat beer. Seasonal - winter.  

Independent brewery. A wheat beer specialist. Since 2001 co-operation with Veltins.

Brauhaus Schinner
Bindlacher Str. 10,
95448 Bayreuth.
Telefon: 0921 - 79780
Telefax: 0921 - 797820

Founded: 1860
Annual production: 100,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Schinner Premium Edel Pils     Pils.  
Schinner Premium Edelweisse     Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Schinner Premium Kellerbier 4.9%   Amber lager. Unfiltered.  
Schinner Altfranken Urstoff 4.9%   Pale lager.  
Schinner Braunbier 5%   Dark lager.  

Independent brewery.

It was set up in 1860 as a "Genossenschaftsbrauerei" (cooperative brewery) for 10 "Beckenbrauern" (bakers who also brewed). The coperative was dissolved in 1920 and one of the partners continued the business.

Brauerei-Gasthof Benedikt Stadter
Sachsendorf Hs. - Nr. 26,
91347 Aufseß.
Tel.: 0921 - 66816
Fax: 0921 - 66817

Founded: 1884
Annual production: 400 hl

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Dunkles Vollbier     Dark lager.  

Brewpub just outside Bayreuth.

Ahornberger Landbrauerei Strößner-Bräu
Brauereiweg 7,
95176 Konradsreuth.
Tel: 09292 - 95980

Founded: 1739
Annual production: 50,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Ahornberger Landbier Hopfig 4.8%   Pale lager.  
Ahornberger Landbier Premium 4.8%   Pale lager.  
Ahornberger Landbier Würzig 4.8%   Pale lager.  
Ahornberger Landbier Dunkel 5.1%   Dark lager.  

Independent brewery.

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