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Amsterdam Beer Tours
Of course there's an easier way to experience the best of Amsterdam's pubs: let someone guide you to them. It's a tough job, but one I'm prepared to undertake.

Just email me and tell me what type of pubs and breweries you would like to visit and I'll do all the rest. Just relax and let me drag you around Amsterdam's odd, obscure or just plain weird boozers. Believe me, it will be an unforgettable day.

I'll let my associate Mikey explain how a tour works and why you should take one.
Mikey says
Between us, Ron & I have lived - and drunk - in Amsterdam for 30 years (16 & 14 respectively). We like to think that we’ve picked up a thing or two about where to go (and, more importantly, where not to go) for a few decent beers.

We've diffferent prorities, but both know how (and where) to have a good time. Ron is the die-hard beer freak who can guide you around Amsterdam's obscurest beer-houses. But he's older than me. I prefer somewhere more lively. Places with a youthful crowd where, if we’re lucky, the female natives will be out in force (as I have been known to have an eye or two for the local lasses myself). Not forgetting good music.

We'll take you out where the trams still run, but the tourists don't. Away from the damn expensive Dam, the dodgy Leidseplein & downmarket Rembrandtsplein, to name just a few of Amsterdam's more obvious and dull nightspots. (Where, might I add, the cost of a drink can cost twice as much as in a genuine “local” prices!).

If you want to drink surrounded by tourists, paying well over the odds for your drinks and being treated like dirt, then you have no need of our services. But if you're after a more authentic, cheaper, and original experience, get in touch. You won't regret it.
No sex please - we're British
Ron & I would like to make one thing abundantly clear: we don't do sex-bars. Ron is (so he claims) happily married and I (how can I put this modestly) have never needed to pay for female company. So, no seedy stuff.

Being English, Ron & I fall asleep exactly 30 minutes after pub closing time. So you're on your own if you want to hit any of Amsterdam's clubs. We'll just tell you which ones are worth the trouble of queueing to get into.
So how much?
The cost for an 8 hour tour is €25 per person (total cost: minimun €100, maximum €200), which includes a colour booklet and as much beer talk as you want to listen to (I can easily talk for 12 hours straight on the subject).

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