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I've always considered a brewery's home pub, it's brewery tap, the best place to sample it's beers. Both the choice and quality of its products should be at their maximum. They are an obvious first call for any beer-lover visiting an area.

In the couirse of my research, I've come across a fair number of such establishments. Some, I've visited personally. Far more I know only from the pages of the web. A lot of the information has been gleaned from the official webpages of the brewery in question. Exactly where you would expect to find such details. Yet you would be amazed how many breweries, with extensive websites, make no mention of their tap. Dinkelacker have a very pleasant one stuck on the front of their brewery in Stuttgart. You try and find a word about it on their website.

My defintion of a brewery tap is pretty loose. Obviously, it includes pubs built into the brewery and called Bräustüberl. I also count a Brauerei-Ausschank in the centre of town whose parent brewery is on a dismal industrial estate.German brewers not having extensive tied estates. most brewery-run outlets take on some aspects of a tap, even when located in a distant town. Paulaner's chain of pub-restaurants is a good example of this.

A brewpub is, by definition some sort of brewery tap. Some of the more recently-established ones can be a bit dully stylish and not too obviously interested in beer. Other newcomers are more comitted and worthy of a visit. I've been randomly selective in this category. I've basically just included what I feel like.

So here you go: a selection of brewery taps, selected purely depending on which areas of Germany I happen to have researched.

Andechser Bräustüberl
Bergstr. 2,
82346 Andechs.

Tel. 08152 - 376-261

Open: Mon - Sun July-Sept: 10:00 - 20:45
Oct-June: 10:00 - 20:00

Number of draught beers: 3
Number of bottled beers: 7

Regular draught beers: Food: Snacks.

One of two pubs adjacent to the Klosterbrauerei Andechs. An enormous multi-room pub that seats 500 inside and more than 1000 outside. Problems with rowdy daytrippers led to the restriction on Doppelbock sales.

Beer about 2.50 a half litre. They have all 7 beers to take away. Snacks 1.50-3.00 euros

Klostergasthof Andechs
Bergstraße 9,
82346 Andechs.

Tel. 08152 - 9309-0

Open: Mon - Sun 11:00 - 23:00

Number of draught beers: 7
Number of bottled beers:

Regular draught beers: Food: Snacks, meals.

The more upmarket of the two pubs by the Klosterbrauerei Andechs. It dates back to 1438. Snacks 4-8 euros, meals 8-15 euros. Beer 2.80-3.20 a half litre.

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